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Dowabo: 101% Confortable drinking


Dowabo: Olvida otras botellas. _metal-collection-750x320

Into your backpack, at home, at the gym, office or car. Your bottle.

Dowabo is a german Company who devolopes these ultimate bottle for life.

High-quality insulation

Your DOWABO will not "sweat" due to its high-quality dual-wall insulation. Cold cannot enter, and heat cannot escape. This means that you will always have hot beverages for 12 hours, and cold beverages for 24 hours at reach.

Robust stainless steel

Your DOWABO is shockproof and unbreakable due to its stainless steel body. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for dishwashers.

Tightly sealed

A novel cap system guarantees that your DOWABO would be tight even if it is shaken. No chance for anything to escape. No air and, above all, no drops. This is the reason that fizzy drinks will always taste fresh.

Completely neutral in taste

The food-safe stainless steel makes sure that your beverages will not lose any flavour. You will only taste what you filled in your DOWABO. Nothing else.

High comfort when drinking

Bigger than "normal", smaller than a"real big gulp": The opening of your DOWABO is large enough for ice cubes, but also small enough to keep your shirt dry. Just right if you are thirsty. Regardless of whether hot or cold.

Quite stylish

Finally one that shows performance and looks good. Never mind which one of the 5 colours you choose: pay attention that you don´t forget to drink with all those curves.


Whether doing sports, working in the office or staying at home: normally, you don´t need any other bottle than your DOWABO. Therefore, avoid annoying bottle deposits and also save our environment.

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