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Skiman: Nando Ceinini


Skiman: Nando Ceinini

Today we want to introduce you to Nando Ceinini, a  World Cup skiman born in Bormio Italy. Here you have his highlights:

SkiLab. Nando, could you present your carreer to our readers?

Nando Ceinini. In 1982 I started my ski man experience with the Italian Fedreation following World Cup man team

1989 begins my collaboration with Briko development waxes

1992 I collaborate in ski preparation for Marc Girardelli and win his 5th World Cup

1993-2003 responsible for briko athletes

2004 to today start collaboration with Geier Diffusion and I am in charge of the Holmenkol and Uvex racing service

I participated in 8 Olympics winter games and 16 ski World Championships

SkiLab. Why do you became to be skiman? What do you like the most of these job?

Nando. the passion for skiing competitions has led me to start preparing the ski. what I like the most about this work is the constant evolution of skis and waxes and therefore the preparation and why not say it also live so many hours in the open air.

SkiLab. What is the secret of a good ski preparation?
Nando. there are no secrets for a good skiing preparation but it is passion and constant updating with the companies
learning how to prepare  skis is like so many other jobs you have to start by listening to who knows more of you and continuing to make improvements.

SkiLab. How is the journey learning about ski preparation? When you discover your mistakes in these years? And when the success?

Nando. Success comes with a work constancy

SkiLab. Into the teams, racers and skiman, how is the relationship?

Nando. the relationship with your athlete is very important, in fact a ski man must first understand who has to do to create a good relationship and synergy thus leads to results.

SkiLab. How a bad decision in the ski preparation can affect the performance the most?

Nando. there is not a bad decision for ski preparation but there is always evidence that they are in agreement with their athlete only with this system you can rely on an improvement

Thank you very much Nando for sharing with us your experiencie and tips to encourage our humor and not surrender..:)


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