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Frequent questions

What can I buy at this online store? You can purchase products and services


What do you sell? We are specialists in repair, care and maintenance of sports equipment. That includes workshop supplies such as waxes, boot dryers, ski storage racks, bike racks, ski carrier bags, etc.

Do you sell skis and other equipment? We sell skis of the brand Nanox, we are distributors for Spain and Andorra, Scott Sports and Movement. In you will find mainly material for cross-country skiing and freeriding.

Do you have a physical store? No, we have an online store only. What we have physically is the workshop, you can come to buy articles for sharpening, waxing and workshop tools. We teach you to use them and by the way you know us.

If I am from León, can I stop by the shop to see products? If you have doubts about a product that you have seen on the web and is in stock, we can teach it on request. If you live in León you can either pick up your orders at the workshop or request free delivery.

How could I do it? You can complete the order through the web or call us by telephone or What'App (660333428) and we manage it over the phone. You can also write us an email.

How do I know if a product is in stock? If we have it in the store you will see below the price of the item, "In Stock". If we have to ask the distributor or manufacturer, we put "Delivery in 7 days" or "On request".

Can I order a product that is not in the catalog of the brands that you work? Of course, call us and tell us what you need. We will ask the distributor or the manufacturer if you can send us the product you are looking for.

How does catalog shopping work? In our ISSUU profile we uploaded in pdf format. The catalogs of the manufacturers we work with. We tend to upload them after the Munich ISPO, in February - March, are the catalogs of the following season. Until the end of May you can order your material for the following season with good prices and interesting promotions.

How do I place an order? If you want to do it online, simply add the product to the cart, once you want to pay and confirm the order, sign up so that we have the necessary data for delivery or shipment. Then choose if you want to pick it up at the store or send it to you. Choose payment method: transfer, Paypal, credit card. In the case of services you can also use the cash on delivery. All these systems are 100% safe.

How do I know the size or size of the article? When you are in a product sheet, where the price of the item is, just below you will see "Size and Measurement Guide". Clicking on this link will go to the manufacturer's page with the dimensions of your articles. If you still have doubts, we help you, call us !!

How do I know that I have complete the order? Once payment is completed you will receive a confirmation email with your shipping information, product purchased and order number.

Ski Binding Mounting . In the case of buying in SkiLab the skis plus the fixings, we will mount them for free. In this case the return of the article will not be possible in any case. We will ask for millimeters of the boot to be able to carry out the assembly.

Prices and discounts. The prices shown on can be revised and modified if conditions require it at any time. Prices are with 21% VAT for purchases made in Spain.

Guarantee. All the products that we sell are guaranteed by their manufacturer, each has a warranty period. Defects or defects due to incorrect use or manipulation of the material or wear and tear caused by normal use of the material are not covered by this warranty. The repair, payment or replacement will be carried out within a maximum period of 3 months. In case it is technically impossible to determine in our after-sales service if a defect or defect comes from manufacture or incorrect use, the article will be sent to the manufacturer, so that your Technical Assistance Service (SAT) determines the cause of the deterioration And determine whether or not warranty coverage applies.

Where do you send the orders? We currently ship within the Iberian Peninsula and Andorra. Other locations, consult rates.

What transport company do you work with? Our partner: GSL GROUP.

For more information on prices of shipments, returns, etc. See "Terms of purchase".


What services do you provide? Technical service for skiing, snowboarding, paddle paddles and carbon work such as bike wheels or oars. Courses of preparation of equipment. Rental of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing (See Rental and prices). We are Test Center Nanox Ski Tech.

Do you organize courses to learn to ski, guided trips? No, but our clients are the best guides in León. We put you in touch.

Do you hold an event? If, to be informed, follow us on social networks and subscribe our blog. There we publish all our news.

I want to know how much you charge for repairs.

- In "Special Works" you will find the rates for mounting attachments, jobs in seal hides, placement of inserts for attachments, etc.

- In "Repair of paddle racket" you will find the rates and discounts of this service.

- In "Ski preparation courses" You will find the prices here.

- Prices of ski preparation workshop. In this web you will find the prices of our usual repairs. What are regular repairs? There are 3 types of repairs that we usually do depending on the state of the ski or snowboard.

Ski/Snowboard common REPAIRS  
BASIC A good looking ski that needs sharpening and waxing
STANDARD A ski that needs to be planned, not scratches or oxide, but need  file base and side edges
COMPLETE A bad status ski with many scratches, oxide and need to be planned and edges.

See prices for usual repairs on skis and snowboards.

What if I just want to wax? Perfect. For other jobs, specific things, we give the rate by email. Write an email.

And how would I pay? If you live in Leon you can pay in cash. Also through the online store you can use credit card, bank transfer and Paypal. Here. You can also pay it back when you send the equipment back, you will pay the carrier the invoice.

How do I send you skis if I live far from León? Easy, not easy. Enter here, there is all the information. You can send us boards and attachments to mount, tables to repair, paddle shovels, etc.

What if I live in Portugal? We organize it too, we will make it very easy for you. We will arrange the delivery by courier or you can come to meet us at the workshop.