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Recogidas y envíos

Delivery and packaging instructions.



1. Very comfortable, in 3 steps from home.

2. Save time to come and go, enjoy it otherwise.

3. Do not contaminate your car to take him and bring him to the workshop.

4. The whole country (except for the islands). Check shipments from Portugal.

5. Fast in 5 working days you have solved.

6. Quality guaranteed. Experience to work with perfect service, if you are not yet satisfied your money back.


1. Use the form or call us to organize it on the phone 660 333 428.

2. skis or snoboards be sent in a ski bag or cardboard box, free of labels, which will collect in the direction you give us.

The package may not exceed 30 kgr of weight or following shipping conditions.


1. Our transport partner will pick you up in the time slot you specified.

2. You are given a delivery note at the time of collection.

3. skis reach SkiLab, we put about and will be back in a maximum of 5 working days.


1. You will receive your invoice by email.

2. Payment will be made by bank transfer or COD with an increase of 4%.


1. You ask the online collection of 2 pairs of skis in your home using the form.

2. Empaquetas skis in a bag that complies with the conditions of weight and dimensions.

3. We carry out the collection and we make the tuning of your skis according to given specifications.

4. The courier will take you back skis. The whole process will last 5 days maximum.



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