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Ski / Snowboard building Course.

Tables built with your own hands, unique in the world. A gift for any skier / rider.

SkiLab organizes in collaboration with courses of manufacture of skis, snowboard, splitboard.

In two days, Saturday and Sunday, you can build your tables with your own hands and participate in the whole process. The course starts on Saturday at 9 in the morning and during the first day we will dedicate to join and paste the different "pieces" that make up the ski / snowboard that you have devised. On Sunday, we will finish the boards that will have been during the night "curing" in the vacuum bag.

Before the course you can choose: model and certain finishing aspects, such as the topsheet, the sole, etc. Soon we will upload to our store all the ski and snowboard models with their respective dimensions.

At the end of the course you will have some boards made by you, with the aesthetics you have chosen.

Prices are as follows:

Course of construction of ski :: 590,00 €
Course of construction of snowboard :: 550,00 €
Course of construction of splitboard :: 650,00 €

Out of this price:

- ski / snowboard preparation (planned, structured, sharpened, waxed): € 55

- ABS on the sidewall: € 70

- Graphic layer: € 60

- Finished in noble wood: € 25

- VIST fixings: from € 150 with installation included.

Accommodation, activities for you and your family.

We can help you find accommodation near the place where the course is held and recommend parking areas for motorhomes.

If you are traveling with your family we can recommend activities so that they are entertained while you participate in the course.

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