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Special Works

Padel Racket Repair, binding mounting and reglue climbing skins.

Binding mounting.

We mount ski touring bindings: ATK (the lightest binding in the market), Marker, Scott, Salomon y  Atomic. Request binding mounting. 

How we mount bindings? We use manufacturer template to mount all bindings.

Ski Binding mounting prices:

Binding grease 25€
ATK (touring): 60€
ATK (Freetouring/Race): 70€
Universal Break ATK:20€

Plum Bindings: 60€
Scott / Atomic/ Salomon Guardian: 50€
Marker EPF 50€
Marker Kingpin 70€

Fritschi Vipec o Tecton: 70€
Other brands: request.

Climbing Skins.

How we reglue? When the glue is dirty it cann´t stick properly, it should you be remove and renew. We have the experience to make these proccess. After apply a new glue in transfer tape, we wax the skin to ensurance better gliding. 

Climbing skins works prices:

Kohla Tirol Impregnation Application:15€

Cleaning and removing old glue: 25€

Remove & apply new glue, wax and impregnation included: 50€

Idem for freeride/split skins: 60€

When skins are used and don´t stick the must to be replace. We provide Kohla Tirol climbing skins taylor made or DIY cut to size sets. Click to see the qualities and specifications.

Climbing skins care guidelines:

1. Never expose adhesive ski skins to heat

2. Protect adhesive ski skins against solar radiation and light.

3. Dry adhesive ski skins in a dark place at room temperature ( without protective net and not in the skins bag)

4. Keep dry adhesive ski skins in the skins bag with the protective net.

5. Never store wet adhesive ski skins in the skin bag!

Non residents in León.

We can prepare your skins, just take in contact. Delivery costs round trip 15€.

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